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Mizuki Hinano

Name: Hinano Mizuki

Birthdate: 1983/01/11

Birthplace: Macau

Height (cm): 162

Bust, Waist, Hips (cm): 80, 57, 84

Hinano Mizuki also known as HIna, came from Taiwan and went to Japan to study and ended up as a Japanese AV actress. She is very popular amongst her chinese fans and has even appeared on TV shows in Taiwan.

AV Actress first person in Taiwan - Taiwan's first view but on young AV actress in Japan, the Chinese do. Born in Taiwan, China and Japan of mixed parentage, her father Japanese, Taiwanese mother. Revival of Commerce and Industry, Taipei County, was originally a student view on that, they do not like to study alone, the higher will be for several, and finally failed and that is to make a living in Japan, dating site left the "Revival of Commerce and Industry", that is her attended the first school, because she did not like the idea that advertising design department, school or transfer to three days in Keelung, Beitou other places in the vocational school, the readme first seizure was three, so in 2000 to Japan Development .
She said the people of Taiwan to Japan to develop a hard, strong Japanese exclusive, eat this line of rice to be "ready to risk everything" mentality, to fight for sales, the director issued the order must comply with, or directing It's hard to find out. "In order to have the performance, I did not pick the film in Japan eat a lot of suffering, I feel no one understands, said was not any people to understand, tears every day." Outlook on the case said. She has been out of the Japanese AV industry, began the development of performing arts in Taiwan.

English name: Mizuki Hinano
nickname: SWEET
Gender: Female
nation: the Sino-Japanese half-breed born
Date: February 11, 1982
Place of birth: Taiwan
measurements: 80cm (31) C-57cm (22)-84cm (34)
Height: 1.62 m
cup: C

"In fact, the number of Japanese AV Actress more than you thought, walking in the streets of Shinjuku, 10 girls inside, eight are AV Actress, although I took three years in Japan, the Department of A more than 30 films, but in fact still count output Actress less, it never had in Taiwan was to be signed! "But more specifically, young outlook on economic pressure is not only because entered AV sector AV Actress for her is just curious about this industry, want to try look at the issue for the film she starred A do not regret it, because this is the way of their choice, now she has been suspended AV shooting, plans to keep the entertainment in Taiwan and work hard and want to go the route of small S, do a chair will not only be funny performer.

"Hinano Mizuki" is one of the top search keywords here (see Comment 200609#028) on account of this post Hinano Mizuki: The Case for Internet Censoring in China. Here is the interview in Apple Daily (Taiwan).

Question: Why did you become an AV actress? Did that experience trouble you?

Answer: In Japan, an AV actress is just like a regular actress, model or hotel attendant. There are many AV actresses. Nobody will treat them as unusual. Soon after I arrived in Japan, my boyfriend for seven years found a new lover. My Taiwanese grandparents lost their billiard room. I had nothing. In order to earn money to improve my circumstances, I became an AV actress.

I was not popular the first year. I switched agency the next year and adopted the new name of Hinano Mizuki (????). I accepted any kind of role, including drinking urine, eating feces and everything else. Then I became popular. In two to three years' time, I earned more than NT$10 million. I was even a middle-level manager with the company. When I had free time, I went shopping and soaked myself in spas. I even hired a Taiwanese student to be my maid. I enjoyed life every day.

When I came back to Taiwan, I ended up in the entertainment field by chance. I have no idea how people found out that I used to be an AV actress. Maybe the A-movie producers talked! The name "Hinano Mizuki" troubles me a lot. Men only want to know my body and nobody wants to understand my mind. I am lonely even if I have a boyfriend. I have depression. My mood swings wildly. I am emotionally unstable, so I often want to kill myself. I need sleeping pills and sedatives to go to sleep every day.

Question: What are your views about love and sex? Did you experience a fervent love?

Answer: My relationships with men are explorations for me. When my mother gave birth to me, she left immediately to run a small bar in Japan. I have no idea who my father is. I was brought up by my maternal grandparents. Since I lack fatherly love, I have an Electra complex and I am stubborn about loving. When I meet someone that I really like, I will give everything up for it, including my life.

In a romance, I may have love first then sex, or I may have sex first then love. Sometimes, I like a person but the FEEL in bed is wrong. Other times, the FEEL in bed is right but I don't like him. It is hard to have the right person, the right FEEL and the right timing. Sex is just a habit to me. The look of the man is unimportant. But if the FEEL in bed is wrong, it is hard to sustain the relationship.

In Japan, I fell in love with a man who is twenty years older than me. He is gentle and loving, but he is married with child. He never took his family to Disneyland, but he took me there. He even wore a suit to take a photograph with me. But his wife found out about us, and we had to split up. I was deeply hurt. I took more than 30 sleeping pills and I was ready to slit my wrists. But he saved me.

Question: How do you view yourself and men? What is your view of the future?

Answer: Men are animals who think with the bottom half of their bodies, and they don't do what they say. On one hand, they watch your A-films; on the other hand, they despise you inside. They love me and they hate me. They can treat me like a queen and give me everything that I want. They can also hurt me and beat me. Once I was in a jealous fit, I smashed my boyfriend's mobile telephone in front of everybody and I slapped him. But I have also been beaten such that I ended up with a concussion.

Many men think that I am good looking and I have a good figure. But I feel that I am ugly. It is just a job to make A-films or be an entertainer. Many girls are jealous of me because I am slim. But that is because I suffer from depression and I have no appetite. I ask them not to imitate me. My friends all say that I am a "naive big sister" who is strong on the exterior and weak inside. Actually, I am just a "little girl" who longs for the tender care and concern of men. Why is that so hard to get?

Since returning to Taiwan, I have earned very little money. My life is not happy. My new book "AV convenience store" is not selling well. Compared to what I did in Japan, I have accomplished nothing here. But I still have longings about love. When I made the AV films, it was my choice. I have no regrets. Look at Shu Qi. She is a lot better now than before. I also hope that my day will come soon.

Ex Porn Star Mizuki Hinano Is Getting Married

Mizuki Hinano (a.k.a. Sweet) was born in 11th February, 1982. She was a mixed blood of Taiwanese and Japanese. She was the first Taiwan AV actress in Japan. It was said that she went to Japan to be a porn star simply because she was raped by three guys. However her AV career in Japan was not successful even though she filmed 50 AV in merely three years. Her entertainment career in Taiwan was not successful as well, but she was a controversy person in Taiwan.

Recently it was witnessed that she had a close interaction with a men wearing glasses at the airport when she returned from Japan. Someone reported that her boyfriend was actually another person, and they had already shot the wedding photos. It was expected that the wedding will be held at Nagoya in January next year. The man wearing glasses, Eric, was the one who introduce both of them to each other.

Reporter sought confirmation of the rumours of marriage. She laughed, then said, “I do not know, I’m dying my hair now, talk to you later.” After that all calls were diverted to voice mail.

According to the rumours, the guy Mizuki was going to marry was Japanese. His name was Jimmy, around 25-years-old, and tall. He had a advertising company in Japan and his parents were jewellery designers. Eric introduced them to each other seven years ago. They started the relationship two years ago and maintain a long distant relationship. Early this year Jimmy came to Taiwan to arrange the wedding with Mizuki, and it was witnessed. They chose four dresses, which cost two hundred fifty thousand Taiwan dollar. It was said that Jimmy did now know Mizuki Hinano used to have affairs with many people.

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